What to do?

If you or someone you know is affected by addiction, please call us and we will invite you to one of our open group sessions. There you will be assessed by one of our qualified therapists. Subject to availability and situation you will be offered a place on our recovery program. Please call today on 01245 697042.

How do we help clients stay sober?

Group therapy

One to one specialist trauma counselling

Specialist addiction one-to-one counselling

Finances, relationship, housing and legal advice

Accommodation if otherwise homeless or facing homelessness

Relapse prevention and aftercare

Clean and sober move-on house

How are we going to help clients ‘live life’?

Assist in transitioning back into society


Preparing for training or return to work

Leisure activities and hobbies

Evening and weekend plans

Creative and complementary therapies

At HHE, once clients graduate, we continue to support them through our aftercare program, this includes:

A weekly aftercare groups session to check in and discuss a variety of topics

One to one counselling once per week (or other frequency as agreed)

Setting, completion and review of individualised assignments

Attending one or more groups of the Open Group Programme on a regular basis

Practical support and signposting in areas that will support needs in managing your affairs and developing your recovery

The opportunity to volunteer with HHE in a practical or peer-supporting role

Possible future employment at HHE