Helping hands Essex
Stay sober, live life
  • Empowering individuals to recover from alcoholism
  • Only charity in Essex offering free residential and non-residential rehabilitation for recovery against alcoholism and addiction
  • Focussing on those who are homeless or facing homelessness.
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“We are HHE, a small, yet established charity that specialises in abstinent based alcoholism recovery. We were formed in 2012 to help alcoholics recover from their illness. Our service specialises in assisting vulnerable adults, either homeless or facing homelessness.
We are the only charitable residential rehabilitation in Essex.
We empower alcoholics to recover from their illness, to the benefit of all those affected.”

Alcoholism is an illness that wrecks lives of the individual, the family and friends, and the community around them. The stigma surrounding alcoholism views it as a bad habit or lack of will power. This is medically proven to be incorrect. No person picked up their first drink to become an alcoholic, but unfortunately some progress to becoming an alcoholic. Untreated it will be fatal.

Those who suffer from alcoholism will often place drinking above all other obligations, including work and family, against their own will. They may build up a physical tolerance or experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop.

Alcoholism is at an all-time high within the UK and there were nearly 8000 deaths in 2017 specifically due to alcohol.

Alcohol costs the NHS £3.5bn last year and only a quarter of that is spent on prevention and awareness. There were 337,000 hospital admissions last year due to alcohol.

Alcoholism is at an all-time high within the UK and there were nearly 8000s deaths in 2017 specifically due to alcohol.

The reason there is such a stigma associated with alcoholism is that it is viewed as an overindulgence. Society hasn’t grasped the comprehension that alcoholism is an illness.

HHE is working towards changing the perception within the local community and raising awareness, therefore allowing people to come forward and be treated.

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