Our aims and vision

In five years, we have moved from being a start-up charity to become a respected and professional organisation with a clarity of what to focus on at each stage of recovery. We learn from all our clients’ journeys and build them into our operating model.

Recovery involves several stages of transition, each with its own risks and opportunities. This may mean different things for different clients, but a common element is the availability of ongoing support and a sense of community if recovery is to be sustained and deepened.

Clients translate the need just to stay sober into ways and opportunities to live life to the full.

Many residents arrive homeless, which is why we are so pleased to have a property as a clean and sober move-on house. In addition, a weekly Aftercare group is now well established and attracting growing numbers each week.

But there’s more to do…there is a need in Chelmsford to house people not yet in recovery,  but committed to change. The original vision for HHE was three-fold – somewhere to prepare to get and stay sober, a core recovery programme and then support to move forward from there. We started in the middle, then went to the end and now need to address the gap at the beginning.

Meanwhile, we continue to look to improve what we do and to offer that to a growing number of clients.