and for friends and family...


At the age of 42, Liz believed her life was over. After 20 years of drinking, she felt her dignity and self-respect were non-existent with her every waking moment controlled by alcohol.

She’d also lost her job, health, sanity, friends and, worst of all, her children.

“Caring for nothing and no-one, I’d lost everything. After an almost successful overdose attempt, I found myself locked out of my family home without warning, allowed no contact with my children. No-one trusted me and I couldn’t trust myself. Prior to this, I would collect my children from school drunk, thinking no- one noticed. Other times, they weren’t collected at all.”

Liz tried everything from psychiatrists to acupuncture to stop drinking. Nothing worked, except HHE.

“HHE gave me time and understanding to learn the skills I needed to turn my life around and to rebuild my family. By learning how to express myself and understand the effect my drinking had on others, I began to rebuild relationships.”

If you know someone, either a friend or family member struggling with alcoholism and homelessness then do not give up just yet. Get in contact with HHE today and build bridges.