How can I contact HHE?

Full details are on the 'Contact us' page of the website; our telephone number is 01245 356169. We can also be reached by email at info@hhe.org.uk. Please be aware that the office is not open everyday but voicemails can be left or alternatively contact the telephone number quoted in the voicemail message.

How much does it cost to be a client?

The charity provides all the services and therapies free of charge. However, residents in the therapy house are expected to contribue towards the living costs provided by HHE. The weekly contribution is discussed with the client as part of the assessment interview and will take account of the level of ESA and other benefits the client is receiving.

How can I donate to HHE?

Full details are on the 'Donate' page of the website; we acceot cheques (however large or small) payable to HHE and sent to the above address or direct to our bank account (20-19-95 13509915) but please advise us of your donation via info@hhe.org.uk so that we can thank you.

For how long do you support clients?

We support clients for as long as it takes to start the journey and continue on the road to recovery. This is subject to review by the therapy team on a regular basis who will encourage clients to move to the next stage when they are ready. Past clients continue to support the work of HHE and feel that they belong to the HHE 'family'

Do you turn clients away or ask clients to leave?

We require prospective clients to be 7-days sober and want to start on the road to recovery and stay sober. All prospective clients will have an initial assessment with one or more members of the therapy team who will then decide whether to offer a place on the programme or not. The spaces in our residential facilities are limited so it may not be possible to offer a place immediately but this would be explained and discussed at the initial assessment interview.

Residential clients may be subject to random breathalyser testing should any member of staff or fellow resident suspect that the client has relapsed or has taken drugs or other stimulants. Where this is proven, clients will be asked to leave the premises and the programme immediately.

What other support do you provide to clients?

Depending upon personal circumstances, we can provide support and help with claiming ESA and other benefits; we can also provide support and guidance in respect of personal finance management, CV and job applications, and other areas to help clients on their journey to live life and stay sober.

When do clients leave and move into the move-on house?

This is entirely dependent upon the progress the client has made with the HHE programme and an assessment by one or more members of the therapy team. It is also dependent upon space being available at the move-on house.

How much does it cost to be a day client?

As with all HHE services, the cost of therapy is met by the charity but day clients are expected to make a contribution towards the non-therapy services provided e.g. tea/coffee, heating/lighting etc. This is a modest contribution of between £5 and £10 per week depending upon personal circumstances.

What is the programme of therapy and support?

See pages 'Our current programmes' and 'The support we offer'

How much does it cost to run HHE?

In the last year it has cost more than £ 123,000 to run HHE in 2016/17. Half of the income came from housing benefits from residents but the other half came from grants and donations which are increasingly challenging to obtain. We are grateful to all those who supported the charity in this way; nonetheless the trustees continue to support grant applications and donation funding to ensure that the charity can continue to function.